"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty;

not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some."
Charles Dickens

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Precious moments.....

1. Joel and his first memory verse
Today I took time to encourage Joel to memorize a bible verse and he did! Hurrah!

2. Why blog?
Someone asked this and am trying to respond.. so that I have a record of things that matter to me and when it happened. Also, to think things thru. I get muddled up at times and writing helps some.

Why post it? So that people who may or may not be interested in my life and my thoughts can know and I don't have to re-relate them!

3, People who tell all but don't listen
An ex-cell member who seemed quite rattled by a MWR (as in BGR) situation called me to air her concerns and woes. I felt so much anxiety and pain in her as she explained that she had done all she could to help the couple who knew they were on the wrong track and yet refused to take any remedial action.

What more could she do in this situation? She admitted that she wanted to get away from this couple and not need to face them and see them, so to speak, ruin their lives... she felt so guilty for having those feelings!

I am more concerned for her as she seemed too deeply involved herself to be able to be objective... I promised to pray alongside her and also for her to rest in the Lord and for Godly wisdom in dealing with this "bleeding" situation....

4. Resurrection of the fish tank!
I have resurrected my fish tank after more than a year of mourning. It was for Joel as he loves fish (and nags me endlessly about it!) We shall see if my 2 angelfish survive the night!

5. Joshua's exam
Josh said that his music theory Grade 3 exams were easy! I was worried about him when I dropped him off at SMKSJ this morning. He seemed so nervous and fretful (first time jitters, I guess!) so I continued to pray after leaving him. When I picked him up later, I mentioned this to him. To my surprise, he said that he supposed that, it was why the exam was easy!

To many, Josh seems like a regular 12 year old. I guess he is to everyone except me (and PCK as parents la!). He is my firstborn and so so special! I can still remember looking into his eyes (and he mine!) when the nurse brought him to me immediately after he was born.

He was MY baby, so precious, so alert, so so Josh! Beautiful eyes, perfect fingers and toes! (things i could check quickly!) I think every parent should tell their children (sometime or at different stages of the child's lives) just how they felt when they saw them for the first time... the emotions and thoughts that go through our minds are truly feelings we should carry and keep with us (esp. when the kids do something really naughty and you want to strangle them!!!) ok but seriously, there therapy to be found there... I really do thank the Almighty for such a wonderful, beautiful, most precious gift! Of course, Joel too! Now, that boy is warm sunshine!

6. With grateful thanks!
I've got a BREATH OF FRESH AIR, COOL BREEZE AND WARM SUNSHINE in my life! Thank you Abba for your gifts and providence!

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