"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty;

not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some."
Charles Dickens

Thursday, April 21, 2005

me? muddled?

My modem, network card and router got fried last sunday and i have only just got reconnected. It was a truly impressive storm and am thankful that TM (formerly known as Telekom) has replaced my modem foc.

This month (April) is passing by pretty quickly and altho' I'd like to say that it has all been good, I think I should simply say that it has been fair...

First thing is, this email reminder on Job vs Ministry has got me reviewing my so called service to God...


Some people have a JOB in the church; others involve themselves in a MINISTRY.
What's the difference?

If you are doing it just because no one else will, it's a JOB.
If you are doing it to serve the Lord, it's a MINISTRY.

If you quit because somebody criticized you, it was a JOB.
If you keep on serving, it's a MINISTRY.

If you'll do it only as long as it does not interfere with your other activities, it's a JOB.
If you are committed to staying with it even when it means letting go of other things, it's a MINISTRY.

If you quit because no one praised you or thanked you, it was a JOB.
If you stay with it even though nobody recognizes your efforts, it is a MINISTRY.

It's hard to get excited about a JOB.
It's almost impossible not to be excited about a MINISTRY.

If our concern is success, it's a JOB.
If our concern is faithfulness, it's a MINISTRY.

An average church is filled with people doing JOBs.
A great and growing church is filled with people involved in MINISTRY.

Where do we fit in? What about us?

If God calls you to a MINISTRY, don't treat it like a JOB.
If you have a JOB, give it up and find a MINISTRY.

God does not want us feeling stuck with a JOB, but excited and faithful to Him in a MINISTRY.

- Author unknown -

We all like to call what we do in church, SERVICE and MINISTRY. Think I have to seriously review the first criteria already.....

Being the coward that I am I shall now retreat to safer grounds like itinerary for the rest of the week.

Today is a public holiday and later, the family will be off to Times Square's Theme Park for the day. This is the birthday boy's request and we hope that he will have a good time!

Friday, it'll be Kindah Greening (we hope!) to speak to us. Prayerfully, he would indeed be a blessed speaker to our people!

Saturday, birthday boy has got a school trip to the National Museum while big bro will, again, be at school!!! sobs for Josh!

Now i am talking about CONNECTING with people. i think that it is vital and necessary for each of us to do so. Yet it is hard. I am not talking about the connecting as in chatting or even sharing but where we can see or feel what the other is feeling or at least reaching out by way of words, gestures... a conversation or time of being together where the heart can be reached. It's hard to explain. I think steady boyfriend/girlfriend or good friends can do it. Spouses and even family members can do it and have done it before but some no longer do it or find it hard to do.

Like when we have a conversation about general stuff, we don't really connect. We update each other, share an opinion or information. When we share about something that tugs at our hearts like a loved one, a situation, even work then yes, we can connect with another. It takes some giving to connect. Giving of yourself. A place of vulnerability cos sometimes, the person you talk to may not be able/ready to respond and connect with you.

I am talking about connecting cos i think relationships depend on it.

i haven't thought this one thru yet. may write more and better articulate it soon...


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, it's easy to 'lose it' and get out of touch. And 'connecting' with someone can take some people literal years to build.


Charis; Greek for Grace said...

It must be hard to really connect because we are all really complicated creatures. I guess we have to be WILLING to connect; to spend the time, to be able to trust enough to reveal enough. Most importantly, to accept that the other person is human too and will disappoint us. That's how 'iron sharpens iron'. Right?

Jenn said...

Thanks so much for posting Job vs Ministry!! I once had that excerpt copied down somewhere but lost it and was searching high and low for years!

It is true that connecting sometimes takes a certain chemistry. But it's sad that while ppl generally acknowledge that great friendships are a rare gift, many give up on such special connections due to a moment's anger or disagreement. And yes, I understand that sharing of opinon/info but not connecting... But I also remember instances of not being able to share yet connecting... like our times through the internet. :)