"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty;

not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some."
Charles Dickens

Saturday, June 04, 2005

crappy business!

Let me put on record here that my tag line "everything i know, i learnt from Oprah!" is a very effective way of getting people's attention! Haha! It is also true to some extent!

Now, the new thing I learnt from Oprah is about crap aka "sai" aka shit aka faeces aka stools to name a few names it is called!

Oprah invited this doctor, one Mehmet Oz or whatever to her show once and he is co-author a book entitled, YOU, an owner's manual which says largely that we can live longer and healthier lives just by spending 3 minutes in our own bathroom using our sense of hearing, sight and smell!!!! Yup! you gotta take a look at your waste!

He also said that altho most people say they don't, they actually DO look at their err... waste! haha! I thot of recording this cos i thot i'd have fun reading this years from now on my "discovery" on what my shit says about me!!!!

He says that it is an essential health indicator and if the colour, smell and the very form is inconsistent, it serves as warning to us that we are not keeping ourselves healthy.

Ok, for the low down on faeces... the "ploppy" variety that comes in marbly bits are signs of constipation (duh!) and means we aren't taking enough fibre or water or not going often enough. He says once every 2 days or more frequently is fine but anything more than 4-5 days spell trouble! (double duh!)

The best kinda poop is the type that goes into the water like a skilled diver!!! haha! loved that one! Also, it should be a sort of "S" shape! Imagine that!

He added that, the average healthy person farts like 14 times a day! He did not however, elaborate on how it should smell!!!!

He showed us intestines, colons, livers of healthy vs not so healthy ppl and it does gross us out further but he was trying to make a point...

He said that constipation is bad cos it stretches and strains your body and this does damage it and wear it faster so that will make us age our bodies...

I thot that the show was good cos it reminds us to take care of our internals and that eating well helps us keep healthy. Most people don't care much about this as it is internal and takes some time before the damage is detected. I am the type that has to be reminded, so once again, thanks to Oprah, I learnt something.....

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xiong said...

Interesting revelation... heard it somewhere before about how our product should look. It is erm.. refreshing, erm.. to learn it again. :)