"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty;

not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some."
Charles Dickens

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Getting up to speed...

Events I would like to make mention are -

1. Son sat for his UPSR (5-7 sept)
He was wonderful the days gearing up to the exams, studying on his own, reminding me to send him to his extra classes and also asking me to take him to the bookstore to get more revision workbooks!!!! It's like Hari ini Dalam Sejarah for me, man!

2. Son went to Kota Bahru and Kuala Terengganu with sister and niece for 3 days last week (21-23 sept)
He thoroughly enjoyed his holiday which incidentally was TAILOR-made months beforehand by his loving aunt and cousin JUST FOR HIM as a belated birthday gift!!! So, so nice of them! It seemed like he just couldn't stop smiling when he got home!

3. Church changes (bible study classes and earlier service)- 4 sept
Everyone is adjusting to these changes pretty well, i think. All in all, i think it is a good good change. The classes on parenting are speaking to me and getting me thinking about a mission statement, vision for the family.... wowee!

4. Having dinner with nephew on his lunar birthday (18 sept)
I don't think I have ever been out with my nephew (and my hubby of course!) one on one before and it was nice, pleasant, relaxing, fun. The restaurant was lovely and thank God, because of the mooncake festival, one U was not crowded that sunday evening... phew!

5. My precious little garden
I also finally got someone to help me spruce up my garden, get rid of unwanted plants and weeds, and now growing new flowering plants like Dianthus and Marigold and hopefully Morning Glory as well! Pesky insects still trying to devour my precious chilly plant though.. Arggggh!

6. My cat kena bitten on her butt
That was a terrible experience... even for me. i had not seen her in so much pain before... she has a very very high threshold for pain... Thankfully, the wound is almost completely healed and she is back to her old self again!

7. My little princess
Still thinking of whether to marry Tessa off to some jock but more and more, am thinking it isn't such a good idea. I would not know how many pups she'd have and I would definitely have to share it with the her hubby's owner... dunno anyone at this time though... perhaps if she ever met anydog suitable..... while she is still a "spring" dog, that is....

8. Maid... again!
Applied for an Indonesian maid for my mum in law. supposed to have arrived last week but still no news from the agency so.... wait wait wait... i wonder if i still remember how to "train" her... am used to living without one. after all, it has been almost 2 years already... I do however look forward to passing on the laundry esp. the ironing to her! Not one of my favourite chores to say the least!

hmmm that is all i can remember/think of insofar as updates are concerned...

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Melissa said...

Interesting! Puppy woes without puppies. Hmm...If and when they come, I wanna help! Glad Koko went out with you guys. Think it will do him good for him to spend time with our elders and perhaps talk. And poor bitten butt! So, when can we talk about YOUR visit to KB? Heh heh heh...