"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty;

not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some."
Charles Dickens

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Do I really want to be saved?

What am I wanting to be saved from? This world? This beautiful worldly world with so much to offer? It comes as a package deal with only one instruction at the bottom of the box.

"Do what you like!"

What a great deal! What a wonderful instruction! Just what I've always wanted to do! Exactly what I like!

As I grow older, I will leave my parents and then, I can enjoy and fully utilise this package to its fullest! I could go out with my friends as late as I want! No curfews! I could go any place I please. Oh, I would have to get a job first.... hmm, anything that would give me my freedom. Just enough money so I can do what I like. Great! Things would be even better as I grow older, and I would earn more money and then I could continue to expand my horizons of doing all that I would like to do!

Hmmm, what else would I like to do? Go out with anyone I like. Spend my time anyhow I please. What if my friends don't like to do the same stuff? Never mind them! Make new friends! Wow! That sounds even better! Would I like to settle down first? Maybe not just yet... I'd like to REALLY get to know some guys first! I am not terribly good looking but I guess if I were "entertaining" enough, I could hold their attention! I wouldn't worry about getting hurt, cos I would probably dump them first anyway!

Isn't this a great life to have? Now, why in the first place would I want to be saved from it? I could do everything I always wanted and be who I wish to be and that's my goal in life!

Why would I want to wreck everything by putting God into the equation and really "spoiling" all of my well laid plans of freedom and total liberty? Wouldn't I be daft? Why exchange this package deal with the Christ package? What has He to offer me that could possibly be better?

Let's review this... Oh yes, there's eternal life... heaven. Great! That's like 100 light years from now... And then, there's obedience.. with a book full of instructions. There's this Holy Spirit living in me, telling me what is good for me and I should heed His voice. Then there's God who created the whole world and me and everyone else. Next, we have all of God's people whom we are to meet regularly whether we like them or not. Lastly, we have the extra job of saving everyone else too!

Why on earth would anyone in their right mind want to be saved?

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