"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty;

not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some."
Charles Dickens

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A matter of priorities...

As a mentor to my loved ones, I sometimes wonder the extent to which I am at liberty to truly share my thoughts, opinions with some.

I am pretty new to this mentoring scene, coming into it feeling a great sense of lack. I was finally put at ease (in a manner of speaking) when I finally read more about "mentoring", that frightening buzz word that seems to be all encompassing in nature...

The thing is, I had no formal mentor so I kinda understand and don't understand it when people tell me that they see a lack in their own walk with God as they too have no mentor.

My mentors were authors of various books, my family members, older men and women who passed on their wisdom and insight, pastors, speakers and Godly people who I am blessed enough to have touched my life. I had no one specific although once, a particular Godly man offered to be one to my hubby and I. We were unable at that time to commit to it, sadly.

What does one do when we can't find a mentor, a time slot, someone to trust and look up to? The key to me are our response to these 2 questions.

How hungry are we for God?
Do we even expect to receive anything?

We prioritise our lives on things that matter most to us, not what we think we ought to. That's a fact.

For example, I could see if a person is earnestly looking for God and expecting to receive, through their everyday actions or lack of it. If they come to me and want help, to walk alongside them, they'd definitely receive something at the end of each session. If they come to me and do not receive much, if anything at all, i would ask myself if they were looking at all... I am not being arrogant here. You see, i am but His vessel and only if you draw from me, can you receive.

I drew from the pastors, older men and women and even books that i read. I went expectantly, knowing, praying that God would speak to me somehow, and He did. I was and still am desperate to know Him more.. He wouldn't sell us short if we desire good things and desire Him. He's just that kind of a generous God.

In turn, I can now move albeit slowly but surely, confidently presenting myself as His vessel. I simply invite anyone to draw from me..

So, the question isn't if one needs a mentor, but ...

How hungry am I for God?
Do I even expect to receive anything?

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